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...and my hope, like Autumn, is turning brown. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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i am the devil [Oct. 3rd, 2007|07:12 pm]
i think i should start creating some kind of art or maybe create a band so i can create some music i like this band called creato


hello everybloody

im back
you better watch out
i have aids
i will stab you
i want you to die
i want to kill you
i hate you

i like to drink
allthe time

i like to smoke fags

i smoke em like nothing

you are nothing

you think you are fucking something but you are fucking nothing
you are empty
you are zero
you are a black hole

and im gonna fuck you so bad ur gonna be cumming out your ears

lol im jk i love you!
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(no subject) [Sep. 19th, 2004|03:23 am]
hello i added whoewver added me. its 324 am and im up and high.
i miss mae
alenas moving
i broke my leg. almost
i missed school
i need $ar$$$ blhalha

tired goodnight
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BIOTCH [Jul. 30th, 2004|03:01 pm]
yo yo nukkas. im back. with a vengance asdlfkasjdflsadflasdjfkasdjflkasdfja swhoowhowo.

im feelin good. good.goooodgoood.

Vegas was fun.

The whole gang and i are partying it up tonight before we go out for our night of hardcorehxchxchxchhxc mayhem and wacky wasted hijinks..wait. thats just mae mae and bre and i, but we're awesome. and my badass rockabilly hardcore cousin christy is coming from vegas! im excited. this is great. i havnt been happy like this in so long.

im feeling so unbelieveably optimistic and awesome right now.

i havnt written in here in so long eh?. since that kristina sickle cell nazi drama hahahahah.. comic gold. i almost hope one of those kiddies see me tonight and try to start something. they will be annihilated hxc style man. floorpunch in yoh throat whoaohowahoawhoawh.

laterz skaterz
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(no subject) [May. 28th, 2004|01:17 pm]
haha yeahhh im such a nazi man. i may only be half german but im the fucking half hitler incarnate. i hate my father, fucking race traitor.

no.blah. silly overzealous skin kids damn.. i fucking analy fist nazis and pee on their grandmas faces. im suprised anyone got the joke actually. oh my god thats right a joke. do i give a shit who my ex is with? no i have my own shit going on, ya know burning crosses and stuff. no but really. what the hell. take a joke douche, im no fucking nazi ask anyone.

now im pissed, thats gayness. i was just thinking about that stuff today. how everyone tries to be so active or something so aware. pro this fuck that blahblah. no i dont go out and stab nazis but i would if i werent such a weenie people stop being so hardcore and getting the boys on everyone. everyone needs to just walk the earth and be their own shit. what am i talking about..eh im done with this stuff im old and lazy now. im gonna go be a bum rasta.

but yeah. dont call me a nazi, because THAT isnt a fucking joke.
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(no subject) [May. 25th, 2004|12:58 pm]
I did my appeal presentation thing so I can walk and get my diploma and stuff. i wouldnt care too much if i didnt. it should be a privelige to not have to walk, just get it mailed to you.. but yeah i guess er whatever. so i did my appeal and owned, so im gonna be able to. and whoa. i have good grades? well i just have to keep everything at a D or higher, but overall highschool, theyre all good. so i can actually go to real college, weird. im still going to community because.. im just one of those chosen few. im destined to be like one of those 53 year olds taking like the same crocheting class 6 times.

damn it, im being emo again lately. but luckily ive been on something pretty much every day all day for like weeks. i found my parents stash so i smoke everyone out and its neat. good stuff too and lots of it so i can get alot sometimes.

we're supposed to go take the computer in to the service place today, hopefully it'll be fixed soon, i dont even go on anymore, or care.. everyones gay anyways. but sometimes i wana look something up, or get some music, and porn of course.

i wonder what melanies doing these days.
hi melanie. oh thanks now i feel bad.

my dog ran away i think, yeah i think, i dont even go outside anymore, except to smoke, because its um a good place..and i can play with the dogs ;);0:)p:););0:0;p; if you know what i mean ;;0;0:);););)::::::::::::::::::::::::::)
but yeah i noticed a dog was missing hmm.
oh and my rat went crazy, it was covered in shit and like..blood? i dont know. but stuff reddish brownish..all over its hands and feet..but none on its body hm, i cleaned it up. it was scary.

i was gonna go to alenas house on friday i think , but we went to maes and smoked and i ditched her for them because i hate her and she just wont take a hint, wow what a loser. no alena is supAR i think ill force her to let me come over today, oh yeah i said nah im too lazy to walk sorry and she was like:OOOOOOOOOOO:O::_))))@))):)) OK I WILL MAKE MY MOM PICK US UP and i said oooookKAY! and she said yeeaah. oh and she has weird dreams. ooh yaeh i was talking to patty about that stuff and then kristina walked up and i told patty about my appeal thing and i think kristina nodded her head but then i left because i didnt want to catch sickle cell anemia or something.

hm so what are we gonna do.. no no besides the anal fisting.. ohh yeah movies L:I:I:I:I:IIIIOOOOOOOOOOOoo neat.

i beandipped mae. it was gooshy.

brianna took a hit off of my stuff with steroid dust on it, shes gonna grow a beard now haha. man i smoked so much today, all first period and then in third me and justine just walked out of the room and went around the corner and did like a whole bowl and a half it was radical.

i dont feel like writing anymore

haha sickle cell.
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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2004|09:11 am]
so im graduating, thats it, ive done everything that needs to be done. and im feeling suprisingly optimistic. and just..soo, relieved that some things are done and over with. baggage sucks.

im still totally reliant on my parents. im probably gonna end up being one of those guys who hang around community college for 6 years and then transfer to a shitty school and get a degree in recreation or something. i dont think ill sink so low that ill actualy be a bum..at least not for a while.. i have my plans. but really..doesnt look so good..eh i dont know. ..someday. for now there are things that need to get done. but..im just.. walking the earth. im such a hippy.
and crap. im like one of those 25 year olds with a little freshman girlfriend..er. hitting on talking to, whatever. you know what im talking about. those guys who roll up in front of the school in a cloud of smog in their shitty honda and suck face with their little teeny bopper, the creepy guys. those pizza faced, whiny voiced gross 20 somethings. ok. im not that bad..yet..but give me a few years..man oh man.
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(no subject) [May. 6th, 2004|12:36 pm]
dear maj0r hottiez

what happened to the substance in my entries..eh in my life? guess thats been gone for a while.. oh i quit smoking? well tried. for a few hours. and um..i was sleeping for most of it. yeah that plans over i guess..mm delicious cancer..

ah so yesterday, this one local hottiez i know.. robert came over, and my parents were out, so we chizled and drank and stuff, it was good times. 5 de mayo mann.

meme was being rebellious today, ended up in the office. damn punk rockers.

people are grody man

last night we convinced my brother that we found him in a sewer in mexico, he cried..

gracie, what happened, call me

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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2004|12:50 pm]
you didnt leave your number retard
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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2004|10:23 pm]
relatives came over ontheweekend,.mycool uncle,buthes like.gorownupands rtyff now soyeah,heletme smokewhen they were gone though...ny parentsl,and we wentanedsaw kill bill 2 .oh and the beach, oh i heardonthenewssome people descrived somethingtothefoastguyard thatcould havebeneagreata white shark..sccary.

incase no onesnoticed yet, yesiam thoroughly intoxicated.

hummm.melanike. whydontyouwriteonhere.. waitdoyouevenhaveone////////?iremember you made a commentbyut imnotsuyre if it was anonymoous.souyhwriteonhere..myemaildoesntwork..and...dxangadoenestn..soyeah..juystthis..oh or kristina if you see thistell her to writeon here.

so..the couch is morecomfortablethanmy bed,.. but thats rprobably because wgebnever ui ssleep on the couch immostlikely passed out.

pedro the lion playing soonish, like nesdxt kmonth.. whos goingwith me.///?

as i lay dying playing with some ghey bands soon tooithink, inflames and uh, who caresnahg

\i dont feellikewritinganymore
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what? since when do i hate you? [Apr. 22nd, 2004|01:10 pm]
adfdddd. my computers broken.. that doesnt mean i hate you or we're not friends?..wha.

hmhmmh missed the thing at che last night. but i smoked a bunch in the bathroom hah.. blew it into the sucker..fan thing .vent .yeah.

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